Christmas Card and Christmas Present Lists – free downloads

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I am a bit of a list person, actually I make lists for EVERYTHING! that way I dont forget to do quite as many things as I might do if I didn’t make a list.

Christmas Card and Christmas Present Lists – free downloads

So as we reach the busy time of the year for lots of people I thought I would share some of my Christmas lists with you.

Christmas Card Check List

Each year I make a Christmas list for cards, who I want to send cards to, is it a card or an email, do they want a letter or a photo of the children and the family, so if like me you want to make a list or two, then download my Christmas Card List, download as many as you need and enjoy making them.

Christmas Present Check List

It’s not just the cards what about the presents, this I really do need a list for. If like me you see things as you go along and know that it would be perfect for that certain someone, but then come the day you go shopping you forget about it, so annoying. And then I like to know it is wrapped and posted and on its way so  . . for the past few years as the ranks of neices and nephews, family and friends have increased I now make a Christmas Present List which you can download, again feel free to downlaod as many as you wish.

Hope you are all well, enjoying life and yes making lists for the events and festivities to come. If you dont mind I have a few more lists to share with you – all in the run up to Christmas, now where was I – Christmas Decorations ah that will be tomorrow then.

Take care and thank you all for reading

Katie x

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