Making Christmas, creating your perfect Christmas with family and friends – its published

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Today is the day my book is published, I would love you to tell me what you think of it

Making Christmas, creating your perfect Christmas with family and friends. Gifts, decorations and food to make and bake

It has been  HUGE learning curve. I am not the most technologically minded person, I can bake, cook do all those sorts of things but technology well . .  I know what I want it to do – just don’t ask me to do it!! So for me to publish an ebook was a little daunting . . BUT . . I did it. I hope that it will be enjoyed and made use of, craft projects for you and the children, recipes for Christmas, ideas and inspiration for the Christmas table. I wanted this book to be about the little extra bits about Christmas, making a Christmas Pudding tree hanger with the children, taking time out to unwind and enjoy the run up to Christmas. However I also know that being  a Mum means that we don’t all have as much time as we want, so I hope that my Christmas time line will show you that you can always squeeze a few more hours in the day! For those of you who read my post on Friday  – the house is now tidier and I am sitting in my newly painted white kitchen – yes it happened – but my husband has taken away the white paint!

That’s another story . . . with love and thank you for reading on this very exciting day

Remember you can read kindle books on your lap top / pc Amazon offer a free app which allows you to download kindle publications onto another device

Take care Katie x

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