How to make a Christmas Stocking

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For me a Christmas Stocking reimnds so much of being a child, opening our stocking on Christmas morning was so exciting. As the Christmas prep is gathering pace I am sharing with you a craft project for my Christmas Stocking. You can make one of these or if you want to make an advent stocking calendar, you can make 24.


Download the pattern to make your Christmas Stocking


  • You will need some material, this can be anything you chose. I did buy material for my stockings simply because I wanted them to be red and full of Christmas. From 1/5 of a metre (20cm) I made 5 stockings
  • White Felt for your stocking cuff
  • Embroidery threads if you chose to embroider the cuff


First of all cut out your stocking(s) and embroider a design on your cuff if you chose to.


To embroider the Christmas trees I used straight stitch as we did for the Christmas Hearts


With right sides together sew the inside seam


Now spead out the two sides of your stocking, place the cuff acros the top of the stocking. If you have a picture on the cuff, place the right side of the cuff next to the wrong side of the stocking and sew across the top


Place both of the right sides of your stocking together, and sew from the top of the stocking down the side, round the heel and the toes to meet the initial seam


Turn  your stocking out the right way, with right sides of the cuff together sew the side seam of the cuff together and fold down. Using a 15cm length of ribbon of your choice  fold in half and sew into the inside of your stocking

. . And there you are your stocking is finished.

What are you going to with yours? – will you making 24 little stockings for an Advent Garland?


I stitched names on to some of mine, I am going to use these ones as gift tags, and place some candy canes in them, this will give my neices and nephews a little something to hang on the tree.


I sewed one each for my children as a keep sake of Christmas 2011

What other uses can you think of?

Have a great weekend – for us it looks like a bit of riding and a paintball party on the Saturday, and then on Sunday maybe a dog walk and then back for slow roasted pork – how about you-  what are you up to?

Have fun with this project – I hope you are enjoying the Christmas prep – see you next week.

Take care and thank you for reading

Katie x

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