Christmas Kitchen – Flavored Salts, Sugars and Oils – Great Presents for Foodie Friends

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Christmas Kitchen

Flavored Salts, Sugars and Oils, oh and not forgetting the cookie jar – these all make great presents for foodie friends, or for the neighbours or really anyone. Easy to make and great to use.

Give them gift wrapped on their own or make a culinary hamper for the special foodie friend.


How to make Flavoured Salts

Half fill your jar with culinary sea salt and add chopped dried chilies, red and green peppercorns add the other half of your salt and mix gently. For a cook this is a lovely present – and it looks very Christmassy! Keep it sealed for at least two weeks to let the flavours infuse into the salt.

How to make Flavoured Sugars

This is made in exactly the same way to the salt, half fill your chosen jar with sugar, add a vanilla pod or culinary lavender, add the other half of your sugar and gently mix. Keep sealed for at least two weeks to let the flavours infuse into the sugar. This sugar is fantastic for baking, cupcakes with the gentle hint of lavender


How to make Chilli Oil

In my house we love Chilli oil, you will always find a bottle in the cupboard.

Chose your bottle, fill 1/3 of the way with chopped dried chillis, the hotter the chillis the hotter the oil will be. Now fill your bottle with olive oil seal and leave for at least a month, the oil will gradually take on a reddish tinge, at this point it is ready to use.

Use when making casseroles, risottos, drizzle on pizza.

If you are giving this as a present be sure to tell the recipient to let it mature, if they like it hot they will love this!


Who stole the cookies from the cookies Jar ?

For that extra little gift make some cookies and pop them in a very useful storage jar tie with a bow, add a tag and there we are the perfect present – for teacher perhaps?

We bought our storage jars from

For a fantastic culinary gift, make up a hamper with Chilli oil and a jar of chilli and peppercorn salt and a jar of home made cookies, feeling generous then add some ginger and nut clusters or even some dark chocolate truffles

What ever you do this weekend enjoy it, remember you can pop over to my facebook page and have a chat or post some of your pictures

take care

love Katie x

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