Six Good Reasons To Write a Journal

How many of you keep a bullet journal? Journaling has become a popular past time of many. It seems that a journal is more than just a diary, it is a notebook in which we write our inner most thoughts, our goals, our achievements and also the things we didn’t do so well, a place Read More

Are You the Perfect Mother?

If you were asked the question: Are you the perfect mother? What would your answer be? I started to think about this the other day when I was in a bookshop and I saw a sign which said ‘ Read how to be the Perfect Mother’ . My first reaction was NO – I dont Read More

Perfection – An Unhealthy State of Mind – Discuss

Its Wednesday, time for a midweek thought – Perfection – an unhealthy state of mind. I have almost finished the roman blinds that I started a few months ago ( well quite a few if I am honest). I finished the first one fixed it up at the window and stood back to admire.  You Read More