I have been vegetarian for many years but never vegan, and to be honest I am not sure that I could be classed as vegan now because I still eat eggs. It started in the spring of 2018, I run and sometimes my run takes me through the fields where the cows from the Read More

Six Good Reasons To Write a Journal

How many of you keep a bullet journal? Journaling has become a popular past time of many. It seems that a journal is more than just a diary, it is a notebook in which we write our inner most thoughts, our goals, our achievements and also the things we didn’t do so well, a place Read More

Feel Better – Start Running

Feel better, get on track, it is time to start running. I could say it’s the dogs fault and it would be true, because that is what made me start to run again. Seven years ago we rescued our first dog, a beautiful little lurcher called Livingstone. Every morning I put on my wellies took Read More

How to Make Lavender Bags

How to make Lavender Bags – handmade lavender bags a great present for a Mum, Grandma, Auntie and with Mothering Sunday happening ( in the UK) on March 18th, how lovely would it be to give a set of handmade lavender bags.  Use them to scent drawers, wardrobe or shoe boxes. A handmade gift is always Read More