Gardening with Verbena Bonariensis

A quick post today on one of my favourite plants Verbena Bonariensis they are tall, elegant, they sway in the wind and flower all summer long. Last year this pot with clematis in it was beside the Verbena Bonariensis that grow along the front of my window – the seeds dropped in Autumn, fell into Read More

Things are blooming on the inside

During the last few days my garden like many others has been covered in a layer of snow or as my daughter put it snuggled with a white fluffy blanket. I do love the snow it makes everything look so bright and clean. Although January in the garden can be cold your garden is not Read More

Garden Predators – munch munch squelch

Hollyhocks on a blue sky I have just heard a rumour that the weather here in this little part of the UK is about to change . .  for the better. For us that means that during this weekend (maybe) the sun might just be about to shine Рyes please, please, please do. If Read More

Container Gardening – Make a Wooden Crate Planter

Here is a quick Gardening Tip for you – make a crate planter – Recycle in the garden. Small garden, no problem you can still grow yourself a few salad greens. Here is how . .   Find yourself  fruit crate, I picked mine up for free from the local market Line your fruit crate Read More