Book Club

At Katie Craig we all enjoy a good read and quite often the conversation is along the lines of a great book that someone is reading. So we thought it would be fun to start our own online book club.


How it works

Each month we will set a book club read, we will try to ensure that books are chosen on different themes, so hopefully we will be able to suggest something for everyone at some point

You will be able to discuss the book during the month on FB and twitter

On FB and twitter just add #ktcraigbookworms #nameofthebook after your comments, others will pick them up, ask, answer and discuss

You can allsorts of questions

  • What do you think of the book’s title?
  • How deep into the book did you get before you understood the relevance of the title?
  • Did the title reflect the main themes of the book?
  • What did you think of the main character?
  • Was it historical accurate? Did the book tell the story well?
  • Did you enjoy the book? Did it make you laugh or cry?
  • Did you enjoy how the book was written?
  • Did it end the way you expected?
  • Would you recommend the book?

Happy reading everyone. Looking forward to welcoming you to our online book club