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With the arrival of Winter you can still keep your hands looking good a selection of hand treats from Katie Craig. If left to fend for themselves over the winter months your hands will become dry, chapped and sore.

Our hands are constantly exposed to the elements, wind, rain, cold and as winter approached we should think about keeping them covered with gloves when outdoors. Exposing your hands to the elements, whilst it is cold outside and central heating on inside create the ideal conditions for the skin to become dry and sore.

As the hands become dry so to can the cuticles around the nails, the nails can then become dry and brittle. We have however found a great little remedy for this – our LIP BALM, yes you did read that correctly our lip balm is also great for nails and cuticles!


Here is what you can do to improve your hands and nails

  • Always moisturise your hands after washing them, keep a hand lotion at the sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom and washroom
  • Have a night time routine for your hands; keep a hand lotion on your bed side table, moisturise before sleep
  • Keep a travel size hand lotion in your hand bag, use it during the day
  • Give your hands weekly treat and let them soak with a hand bath

How to apply moisturising lotion to your hands

Place a small amount of moisturising lotion on the back of one of your hands, gently massage in, do the same again to the other hand, now place a small amount in your palm, rub both hands together ensuring that the back and front of each hand is moisturised well.

We would suggest that you do this after each time that you wash your hands, but at least twice a day.

For that extra special treat for your hands, our Body Butter acts as a great night time hand cream and for during the day, keep them looking great with our hand & Body Lotion


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